Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my ____-year-old to this event?

We gear our Saturday afternoon matinees for 0-6 year olds. It is completely un-scary and introduces little kids to the tropes and spirit of Halloween. We gear our evening shows for all ages over 7 years old. It is a walk through a dark place and there may be some surprises and scary situations. As with all our shows, we encourage parents to know their children and what they will enjoy. Some older children really don’t like the dark and enjoy the matinee more. Some small children are overjoyed to brave spooky things. We want all our kids to enjoy the show.

My ticket says _____. When can I expect to get into the event?

Tickets are sold on the half hour and groups of 20 enter the event every five minutes. If your ticket says 7:30pm, you should expect to be in one of the groups leaving between 7:30 and 7:55pm. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to be sure you don’t miss your timeslot. As this is a live event run by volunteers, sometimes our tractors don’t make it back in time or an actor falls and we get a little delayed. Our first weekend, our longest delay was about 20 minutes.

My, the Champlain Valley Expo is huge. Where ARE you guys? Where do I park?

Enter the Pearl Street Main gate (NOT the wrought iron gate meant only for pedestrians next to Mac’s Market) and follow the signs for Spookyville/Nightmare parking. When you reach the parking lot, go to the back right corner to find the white Spookyville ticket tent in front of the Grandstand.

Is this event handicap accessible?

This event is handicap accessible upon request. Once you’ve bought your tickets, email and let us know the time of your tickets and the accommodations you need so that we can arrange things for you. When you arrive at the ticket tent, notify them that you have made special arrangements for accessibility. They will radio the event staff and make sure everything is ready for you.