Camp Exclamation Point, Inc. (CAMP!)


CAMP! provides continuity and community to underserved, rural Vermont kids through a week- long residential summer camp. Our program empowers campers to make positive choices that maximize their experience at CAMP!, putting an emphasis on kindness and cooperation.

From the experience, campers become aware of an expanded set of possibilities and are better able to make good choices in their lives, having a positive impact back in their home communities and beyond.
CAMP! was founded in 1991, when the Vermont Migrant Education Program discontinued their original summer camp program. Staff members from the discontinued program were committed to providing continuity for the children with whom they had been working, and created CAMP! as a way to meet that need.


Staff recognized the summer experience made an important difference in these children’s lives, and provided them with opportunities otherwise inaccessible for them and their families. Our 110+ campers have limited opportunities for such an experience because of a lack of financial resources, rural isolation, and disruption of life and education. Many of their families are involved with agriculture and often move to follow available work.


In addition to the traditional summer camp program, we also offer older campers a Teen Leadership Training Program (TLP). This program provides an opportunity for campers to develop leadership skills and build their self-esteem and self-confidence. Upon successful completion of the program, campers become eligible to apply for staff-in-training positions the following year.